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    Specification  ASTRIX DIGITAL LOCK AX100 Majestic
    Colour Natural Steel, Glossy Black, Matt Black
    Power Supply 4 x AA alkaline battery
    Number of Users 24 users through smart phone, 50 Fingerprints,
    2 RFID and 2 Mechanical Keys
    Dimension 269 *70mm (L×W)
    Access Mode Finger Print/RFID/Mechanical Key/Wi-fi/Bluetooth
    Lock Body Mortise  Stainless Steel
    Mobile App Available on PlayStore and App Store
    Connecting Time < 1 sec for Finger Print/RFID and < 3 sec for mobile
    Operating Temperature -20*c to 60*c
    Operating Humidity 10-95%
    Door Thickness 32-60mm
    Battery Life 1 Year
    Emergency Power USB Charging Port

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      1. Use your fingerprint on the handle to unlock the door
      2. The lock is Battery Operated and works without electricity.
      3. You can track who accessed your property, the time and the mode of access in your mobile phone.
      4. There would be one Owner of the lock who has complete control on the door access and activity.
      5. Access to multiple user can be provided by the owner of the lock. 24 users through a smartphone, 50 Fingerprints, 2 RFID and 2 Mechanical Keys.
      6. Auto-lock option, where the door is locked just by lifting the handle up
      7. The user can use his mobile phone to unlock the door from anywhere in the house provided he is within wifi range of the lock
      8. User access can be revoked anytime.
      9. Access can also be provided to specific person for a specific timeframe – Scheduled access.
      10. Activity Log – Last 50 access transactions can be viewed in the frontend.
      11. The software is hosted and maintained in a encrypted format in a Secured server.
      12. Elaborate notification mechanism of all transactions on the lock can be activated.
      13. Indication of Battery Life is available in the App.
      14. Compatible with both IOS and Android phones.
      15. Manual keys are provided for usage during emergency Situation
      16. RFID access can be added/ deleted by the customer up to a maximum of 3 RFID’s. FP access can be provided/revoked anytime
      17. Option to Add or Delete Finger Prints and RFID is available.
  •  Application

    Suitable for Apartment, Office, Hospitals, School, Commercial Establishments etc.


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