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Ebco Articulated K.B Station - Platfrom (With Out Mouse Tray) Soft Pad AKS1

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    1. This new generation keyboard station has a built in slide and keyboard platform.
    2. Platform is made out of high quality foil pressed on prelaminated MDF.
    3. Stable durable design.
    4. Simultaneous adjustment.
    5. Can be tilted and rotated.
    6. Soft palm rest and a stowaway mouse pad.
    7. Functional design combined with elegant looks.
    8. Easy to assemble and transport.
    9. Spring assisted to help counter balance.
    10. Low profile design for maximum leg room.
    11. 360° swivel allows user to move keyboard freely from side to side.
    Item Type Code Nos. Finish
    Articulated Keyboard Station Platform  With Out Mouse Tray AKS1 Black Texture

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    1. Fit the retainer plate under the table top leaving 15mm from the front. Fit the stopper bush at the rear end.(Ref. Fig.1) Use pan head wood screws provided.
    2. Fit the keyboard platform with the station assembly (Ref. Fig.2)
    3. Slide the platform assembly into the retainer Plate.(Ref. Fig. 3)
    4. Screw the plastic front stopper onto the front end of the retainer plate.(Ref. Fig.4)
    5. Mouse tray shall be fitted on left or right side which mounting holes are predrilled.(Ref. Fig.5)
    6. Use  to adjust angle, height as well as for storage.

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