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EBCO Door Stiffener Concealed

  • Ideal for wardrobe shutters to prevent warpage of tall wardrobe doors
  • Screwless mounting
  • Big adjustment:± 10mm
  • Use two sets when the door width is more than 600mm
  • Use the allen key to align the panel according to the bending direction
  • Depth:13mm
  • Length:2000& 2400mm
  • Doorthickness:≥ 18mm
  • Door height: 1600-2000mm(DSTF3-20) & 2000 - 2400mm (DSTF-24)
Item Code Finish Pcs./Set
Door Stiffener Concealed DSTF3-20 - 2 mtr.
Door Stiffener Concealed DSTF3-24 - 2.4 mtr.
Cutter for DSTF3 DSTF3-C CP Each

Type: Unknown Type

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