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Ebco Full Panel Quick Fit Drawer (Ht. 125mm) - FPQ - Set of 5Pcs

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  • Code Nos. Height Depth Width Extension Max
    Load kgs
       FPQ 125-40-40 F 125 400 400 325 25 Powder Coated
    * FPQ 125-40-40 FG1 125 400 400
       FPQ 125-40-45 F 125 400 450
    * FPQ 125-40-45 FG2 125 400 450
       FPQ 125-45-40 F 125 450 400 375
    * FPQ 125-45-40 FG3 125 450 400
       FPQ 125-45-45 F 125 450 450
    * FPQ 125-45-45 FG4 125 450 450
    * with Gallery fitting set


    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  • Special Features 
    1. Special raised rear panel is ideal for filing cabinets.
    2. A unique new way to assemble a drawer by clipping on a matching back panel.
    3. This not only improves the look of the drawer but also saves valuable time during assembly and brings down cost.
    4. Tilt and remove capability with guiding.
    5. Auto closing of drawer.
    6. Precision rollers for smooth running.
    7. 'System 32' Compatible.
    8. Available with eccentric cam for fascia height adjustment in 86mm & 125mm height Full Panels.
  • Fitting Instructions
    1. Side gap of 15.5mm is required and acts as side panel of drawer (Fig. 1).
    2. Fixed slide should be set by 2mm for 'Auto-closing' (Fig. 2).
    3. Screws should be recessed to avoid fouling.
    4. Fixed slides should be fitted parallel and at equal heights to each other.
    5. Insert the raised rear panel on to the side panels through the key slot provided in the side panels (Ref. Fig.3).
    6. Slide the 6mm bottom panel through the tracks provided in the side panels. (Ref. Fig. 4).
    7. Connect the cross rods by using T-connectors as shown in diagram (Ref. Fig. 5).
    8. Screw the font facia with side panels and insert the dowel in to the Ø8mm hole made in front facia, screw the side rods in to the dowels (Ref. Fig. 6). Push the other end of the rod in to the plastic sleeve fitted on the raised rear panel (Ref. Fig. 7).
    9. Eccentric cam for front fascia height adjustment provided in 86mm & 125mm height Full Panels. (Ref. Fig . 2)
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