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Ebco Heavy Duty Drawer Slide -125 Set of 2 pcs

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  1. Full extension of drawer available.
  2. Direct front installation.
  3. Precision ball bearing for smooth movement.
  4. Hole ‘System-32’ compatible.
  5. Load capacity 125 kgs.
  6. Removable drawer with Latch.


  • Specification Drawer Slide
    Finish Zinc White 
    Pcs./set Set of 2 pcs
    Hardware Product Type Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide.

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

    1. To install gap per side 19.5mm is required between cabinet and drawer. (Ref. Fig. 1)
    2. Depress latch and remove the inner slide. (Ref. Fig. 2)
    3. Fit outer (fixed) slide onto the inside of the cabinet, access to holes can be got through holes in intermediate slide.
    4. Slides should be fitted parallel and screw tightened fully to avoid gaps.
    5. Fit inner slide onto the outside of the drawer.
    6. Now slide the drawer with inner slide engaged on to the intermediate slides on the cabinet till the latch will automatically engage.


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