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Ebco Sliding Window Latch ( with SWL3-D)Set of 2 pcs

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Special Features

  • Economical design and made of highly durable plastic.
  • Ideal for 19mm (3/4") section.
  • Available as a pair for left and right hand sliding windows.
  • Also available with Cranked Hook for 25mm(1") section.

Fitting Instructions

  • Body is fitted onto the sliding window shutter (Refer Fig 1).
  • It is fitted into a cavity of 19mm *139mm (Refer Fig 2).
  • An opening of 13mm * 25mm is required in the width of the section for the catch to engage with the hook (Refer Fig 2)
  • Catch is fitted on the inside of the frame such that it engages with the hook when window is shut (Refer Fig 3).
  • Hook can be unscrewed and shifted horizontally to suit different sections (Refer Fig 4).

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