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Ozone Safe Private Book Secret Series OES-BS-001

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Type: Safes

  • Specification Ozone Safe Private Book
    Width (mm) 144
    Depth (mm) 188
    Height (mm) 67
    Finish -
    Material -
    Builders Hardware Product Type Safes

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  • Ozone Secret Series Private Book Safes is built with an elegant design to camouflage the original object to keep your valuables with full safety from petty thefts and burglaries. As it would not draw any kind of attention due to its ordinary look like a book. This Safes come with key locking mechanism and can only be opened with its own key. And please feel free to contact us or give us a call if you need any assistance. 
  • Installation of this Safe is simple and quick. It can either be kept in any place as per your choice. These Safes can be used for storing of jewellery or other precious valuables for a short period of time. This safe can be place almost in any place of your choice like wardrobes, cabinets to keep your valuables safe and sound.
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