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Godrej Super Night Latch - 7 Lever pack of six(6)

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Type: Rim Locks

  • Specification Super Night Latch
    Length-A (inches) -
    Width-B (inches) -
    Height-C (mm) -
    Finish -
    Warranty 1 Years
    Builders Hardware Product Type Night Latch (7 Lever) 

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us

  • Godrej Super Night Latch 7 Lever (Inside opening & Outside opening). We are providing you with a wide range of door locks that work well whether you are looking for an inside or outside opening door lock. This Super Night Latch lock has 7 brass levers which provide maximum security. All the components are made of sheet metal for maximum strength. Scratch-resistant powder-coated body and reinforced receptacle. A safety catch provides added security and prevents the lock from being opened by its own key from outside. Automatic deadlocking mechanism which prevents the latch-notch being forced open from outside. Profiled Latch Bolt to increase strength & smooth action. Lock can be unlatched by key from outside and by knob from inside. The safety catch can also be used to hold the bolt in latched or unlatched position. Simply close the door to latch bolt gets automatically deadlocked every time the door is shut preventing the latch bolt being forced open from outside.
  • Great for Main Doors and Entrance Doors. Can be replaced by Ultra Latch/ Tribolt/ Latchbolt with the help of Ultra Retrofit Adaptor without altering the holes on the door. These Locks are best used as hardware for entrance doors as it serves as an additional security measure and has an easy to operate locking function by only applying gentle push-pull on the door. It is suitable for doors with thickness that range from 25 mm to 60 mm. The lock comes with a one year warranty. Can be used for almost any type of Wood & Plywood doors of your choice. All installation hardwares are included in the package. Installation of this Door Hardware is simple and quick.
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