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      Ozone MORPHY BT PLUS

  • Digital Lock

  • In today's digital world, while a mechanical locking system with traditional key
    is still relevant but is no longer sufficient for our security requirements as there
    are plenty of other options available. Digital locks with smart security features
    not only protect our assets but also provide far more convenience, style,
    security and is cost effective in the long-run.

    Main opening Method Fingerprint
    Access modes Mobile App, Fingerprint, RFID Card, User Pin code, Emergency Key
    User Access rights Admin, User, Guest
    Alarms Low Battery Notification, Auto Secure, Break-in
    Type of Password OTP Password, Timed Password, Permanent Password, Cyclic Password
    Smart Features Passage Mode, Anti Theft Password, Audit Trail, Low Power Consumption, Smart Freeze, Privacy Locking, USB for Battery Backup
    Door Thickness 30-65mm
    Application For Wooden/Metal doors
    Finish Black
  • *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  •  Features

      1. Smart sensecan be unlocked by 4 possible methods:
        •RFID Card
        •Mechanical Key
        2. Mechanical Key overwrite -incase of emergency i.e. system failure or damage
        mechanical key can be used to operate the lock
        3. Multiple Users -registers up to 150 fingerprints &100 RFID cards
        4. Controlled access - owner can delete and prohibit user from accessing lock whenever he wants
        5. Privacy mode function - once locked from inside even Finger print, Password, RFID Card or Mechanical Key will not be functional from outside .
        6. Passage mode function - allows lock to remain in open condition for continuous
        to and fro movements without locking
        7. Lock access records - gives you complete details about who, when & how the lock has been unlocked
        8. Low Battery Indicator - a buzzer will bip
        Lock can operate 250 times after the first low battery warning
        In case lock runs out of battery, it can be powered with a9V Emergency battery
        9. Alarm Function –incase a stranger tries to pick –lock your door, alarm will ring
        Multi attempts Alarm –after 3 wrong attempts with finger print or password, lock freezes for 3 minutes
        Unlocked Door Alarm –if door is not properly closed, buzzer will ring for 30 seconds
        10.Large dot Matrix screen -ensures easy use of lock
        11. Beautiful Digital key pad -for entering password & other functions like entering Owner / User name, date and time etc.
  •  Do's and Don'ts

    a.Make sure your finger is clean and dry
    b.Align your finger parallel to the lens
    c.Do not move your finger for 2 seconds while scanning
    d.Do not use soap water to clean lock
    e.Use soft cotton cloth for wiping lock


FingerprintPasswordEmergency Key


 Mobile AppWi-Fi     RFID Card




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