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Ebco Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides - BMDS

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Special Features

  1. New smooth silent roller system.
  2. Right side pair has lateral guiding.
  3. Left side pair has side gap adjustment.
  4. Tilt and remove drawer.
  5. Stopper to prevent drawer from falling.
  6. New "Auto-Closing" feature of drawer.
  7. "System-32" Compatible.
  8. Ribs provided for strength.
  9. Load capability - 20 Kgs.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Side gap of 12.7 mm (1/2") per side required (Refer fig. 1).
  2. 25.4 mm (1") clearance from top edge of drawer required to tilt and remove drawer (Refer fig. 2).
  3. Fixed and moving slide should be equally offset by 2 mm for Auto-Closing (Refer fig. 2).
  4. Recess screw heads to avoid interference.
  5. A set of slides must be fitted parallel and at same heights to each other.


  1. Ivory
  2. Brown
  3. Black


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