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Bonus G5 Wonderbolt

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Type: Wonderbolt

  • Specification G5 Wonderbolt Cylinder Lock
    Length (mm) - 72, 84
    Width (mm) - -
    Material - -
    Finish Brush Steel, Antique & Silver Gold.
    Guarantee 7 Years**

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  • Bonus G5 Wonderbolt Complete Door Lock.

    Price of the G5 Wonderbolt includes Lock, Big Knob Plate, 5 Keys of Outside Cylinder & 2 Keys of Inside Cylinder, Chain Cram & Holder, Studs & Screws. This Bonus G5 Wonderbolt is available in three different finishes like Brush Steel, Antique & Silver Gold. The G5 Wonderbolt serves as all-in-one purpose of Mortise Lock, Deadbolt, Night Latch & Security Chain.

    Bonus G5 Wonderbolt represents outstanding value for money, particularly due to low maintenance costs and reliable performance.This typically designed Complete Door Lock has a Brass Knob with screw-in-sleeve for maximum mounting strength. This G5 Wonderbolt features include :
    - High securtiy dimple key cylinder.
    - Extra long, heavy steel bolts with hardened pins for unmatched security.
    - Easy locking-unlocking in half a key turn. 
    - Coated with electrophoretic lacquer for long lasting finish & texture.
    - Perfect mix of security, convenience & style.

    If you have to customize a finish according to your Decor please contact us we have more than ten finishes of every product. 



  • This Wonderbolt is ergonomically designed as it serves as a multi-functional door lock which provides a complete door locking solution. Thus this is ideally designed for Entrance Doors, Locker Room Doors of commercial use and can be used almost in any type of doors of high security purpose but this Door Lock is not suitable for Double Doors & Outside opening doors. Read our guide to know more. Can be used in wooden door, plywood door and timber Doors. Installation of this Door Hardware is simple and quick.



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  • 7 years guarantee period on products from the date of its purchase for any sort of manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover any defect arising out of the following:-

    1. Damages to the product are caused due to improper repair or installation, misuse, accident, exposure to unfair weather or natural calamities.
    2. Minor variations occur to lacquer coating, colour or finishes.
    3. Indirect or consequential loss or damage is caused, whatsoever and howsoever.
    4. Cost of removal and/or replacement and/or travelling is incurred.
    5. Any sort of tampering or modification to the original product is detected.

    To read more about warranty click here.

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