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Decor 2" Butt Hinges HBL-219 (2" x 3/4")

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Decor 2" Butt Hinges HBL-219 (2" x 3/4")

  • Specification HBL-219 (2" x3/4")
    Length-A (mm) 50
    Width-B (mm) one side 19
    Width-C (mm) other side 19
    Butt Dia(mm) 6
    Thickness(mm) 2
    Finish Colour Lacquered Brass, Stainless Steel & Antique, S.LQ,PVD
    Builders Hardware Product Type Butt Hinges

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us

  • Decor Butt Hinges HBL-219.This butt hinge features protruding pivot points known as hinge "butts", which allow larger pins to be placed through the holes and heavier loads supported.
  • This solid butt hinge resists rust and corrosion and features 6 predrilled and countersunk mounting holes for easily installation onto doors, cabinets and other projects. Price listed is for Single piece only and Screws are not Included.
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