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DORMA Concealed Door closer with Slide Channel Size 4 XL-C 1106

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Type: Door Closer

DORMA AIDO Concealed Door closer with Slide Channel Size 4 XL-C 1106

  • Specification DORMA DOOR CLOSER  XL-C 1106
    Reference Code 9127405
    Finish Silver
    Width of Door 1100 mm
    Weight of Door 100 kgs
    Min.door thickness  40mm
    Door Type Wood / Aluminium
  • DORMA Concealed Door Closer AIDO XL-C 1106 is a compact & high-performance concealed cam-action door closer designed and manufactured for use on standard single-action doors. The AIDO XL-C 1106 door closer comes with a disguise for virtual invisibility within the door and frame, integrating inconspicuously with the overall architectural ambience for that graceful appeal. AIDO XL-C cam-action door closers with easy open technology feature significantly reduce the opening resistance and ensures maximum user-friendliness for all users, particularly children, seniors and the physically disabled can thus open the door without undue effort. These are non handed suitable for left & right-handed doors. There is also hassle-free ordering and inventory management closer body (non-handed) and slide-channel arm assembly in one box for ease of handling that benefits traders and distributors. The ease of installation and its compact concealed cam-action (non-handed system) door closer and easy adjustment of the two closing speeds separately, makes it every installer’s/fabricator’s favourite. And of course, the users will surely get fond of the barrier-free easy open technology that provides comfortable access for all; children, seniors, and the physically disabled. The convenience and comfort also come with an optional hold-open device and cushioned limit stay. AIDO XL-C cam-action door also provides enhanced protection against vandalism, thanks to concealed installation. Moreover, Its innovative engineering and design by AIDO XL-C, compliance with statutory requirements for barrier-free buildings and unblemished appearance of prestige doors concealed installation.
  • Ideal for wooden door having weight capacity up to 100 kgs. Easy for Installation.
  • As per store shipping policy. If you need any other finish please contact our sales team. We can provide almost all kind of finishes. Customized orders may take up to 25 days for Dispatch and are Non Returnable. 

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