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DORMA Concealed Door Closer - EN 3 - XL-C 1006

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Type: Door Closer


  • Specification


    Reference Code 9127311
    Finish Silver
    Width of Door 1100mm
    Weight of Door 80 kgs
    Min. door thickness 45mm
    Type of Door Wood / Aluminium
  • The DORMA Concealed Door Closer you mentioned is a specific model designed for commercial or residential applications. Here's some information about the EN 3 - XL-C 1006 concealed door closer:

    1. Function: The EN 3 classification indicates the door closer's size and closing force. EN 3 is typically used for interior doors with a maximum door width of 950mm and a maximum door weight of 60kg. The XL-C 1006 model specifically refers to the product variant within the EN 3 range.

    2. Concealed Design: The DORMA concealed door closer is designed to be hidden within the door frame or door leaf, providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It offers a discreet solution for closing doors without compromising the overall look of the door.

    3. Closing Force: The EN 3 classification represents a medium closing force suitable for average door sizes. It ensures that the door closes smoothly and securely without excessive force. The exact closing force specifications for the XL-C 1006 model may vary, so it's advisable to refer to the product documentation or contact DORMA for precise details.

    4. Installation: Concealed door closers like the DORMA EN 3 - XL-C 1006 are typically installed during door construction or retrofitting. The closer is mounted within the door frame or door leaf, depending on the specific model and installation requirements. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper functionality and alignment.

    5. Application: Concealed door closers are commonly used in commercial buildings, offices, hotels, and high-end residential properties. They are preferred in situations where a visible door closer would disrupt the design or aesthetics of the door.
    Dorma AIDO XL-C 1006 is a medium-duty concealed cam-action door closer designed and manufactured for use on standard single-action doors for door width up to 1100mm & door weight up to 80kgs. The AIDO XL-C 1006 concealed door closer is concealed for virtual invisibility within the door and frame, integrating inconspicuously with the overall architectural ambience for enhanced aesthetics. The benefits of AIDO XL-C 1006 put more on the table for everyone. The traders/distributors get non-handed suitability for left & right-handed doors. AIDO also gives hassle-free ordering and inventory management a closer body (non-handed) to its distributors. The installers/fabricators get to save their time with its ease of installation – the compact concealed cam-action (non-handed system) feature of this door closer. For users, AIDO XL-C is a product that comes with excellent quality in the basic segment. These doors give convenience and comfort – thanks to the optional hold-open device and cushioned limit stay and enhanced protection against vandalism due to concealed installation. Moreover, AIDO XL-C 1006 is given an unblemished appearance concealed installation.
  • Ideal for wooden door having weight capacity up to 80kgs. Easy for Installation.
  • As per store shipping policy. If you need any other finish please contact our sales team. We can provide almost all kind of finishes. Customized orders may take up to 25 days for Dispatch and are Non Returnable. 


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