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Ebco Computer Wall Station COMS-1

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    Computer Wall Station COMS-1 1300mm Powder Coated  Set


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  • Overview
    1. Modularly designed for all kinds of CPUs, keyboards & flat screen.
    2. Can be used in hospitals, offices, factories, restaurants, train and bus stations, airports, etc.
    3. Perfect work station where space is limited.
    4. Height can be adjusted for convenience.
    5. Vertical track made out of aluminium alloy.
    6. Available in different optional fittings.
  • Fitting Instructions
    1. 1.Fix the Vertical Track to the Wall plug & Screws provided as shown in Fig.1.

      2.Fix the Platform to the Articulated Station using screws provided as shown in Fig.2.

      3.Insert the End Cap from bottom of the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.3.

      4.Slide in one 50mm Cover from top to the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.4.

      5.Slide in the CPU Stand Slim from top of Vertical Track as shown in Fig.5. & Tightened the Locking Knob. (While Tightening the Locking Knob always ensure that the Knob enters into the hole of the Vertical Track.)

      6. Slide in town 37mm Cover & Multiples of 50mm Cover to the Vertical Track to attain the desired height as shown in Fig.6.

      7.Slide in the Articulated Keyboard Station into the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.7. & Tighten the locking Knob.

      8. Repeat the Procedure of Fig.6.

      9.Slide in the Flat Screen Holder into the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.8. & tighten the Locking Knob.

      10.Slide in one 50mm Cover into the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.9.

      11.Insert the End Cap from top of the Vertical Track as shown in Fig.10.



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