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  • Door stiffener HD helps to prevent warpage of thin long shutters.
  • Symmetrical working processes
  • Can be used in multiples for wider shutters 
  • Use two sets when door width is more than 600mm
  • For door thickness 15mm and more
  • For door height 1000mm ~ 2700mm 


            Item          Code    Size (mm)  Finish
 Door Stiffener HD     DSTF2-HD       2010   Grey


Fitting Instructions

1. Slotting dimension requirement Use two sets when
door width is more than 600mm

2. Straightener length cutting specification (When door
height is 1000-2200mm)

 3. Put nut into the straightener, and then adjust the and
put it into the slot. Locking screws at both ends of
straightener, screws shall be of same height.

4. Tighten the regulator with screws, and lock the plastic
decorative covers with screws at the same time.

5. Use the rob to align the door until it is straight,
put the decorative cover onto to the regulator.

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