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Ebco EURO - Slow Motion Hinge 4 hole Mounting Plate

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Item Code No A'mm Finish 
Euro Slo Motion Hinge - Full Overlay with 4 Hole Mounting Plate E-HSM1-M1 36 Nickel Plated 
Euro Slo Motion Hinge - Half Overlay with 4 Hole Mounting Plate E-HSM2-M1 36 Nickel Plated 
Euro Slo Motion Hinge - Inset with 4 Hole Mounting Plate E-HSM3-M1 58 Nickel Plated 


  • Drill out the cavity in the shutter as per the dimensions in Fig.1. Use 'ebco' Drilling jig. Do not chisel.
  • Fit the cap into the shutter cavity and screw on the hinge at right angle to the edge of the shutter. The hinges must not be hammered.
  • Mark hole in the cabinet for mounting plate as per Fig.2. and screw on the mounting plate.
  • Now, align the shutter with the cabinet, slip-on and screw the hinge on to the mounting plate. Any play or gap in cabinet can be adjusted in the bracket.
  • By loosening the bracket screws, the shutter can slide horizontally and also be pivoted for varying pressure.


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