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Ebco Pro-lift (GAS LIFT) (For Bed Fittings)

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  1. Ideal for storage under bed.
  2. Special gas spring available in three loads.
  3. 30° opening angle allows easy access.
  4. Easy to lift (with the weight of top board) with minimum force.
  5. Easy access as the gas lift keeps the bed top stay.
  6. Long brackets provided for better support to the bed platform.
    • Specification
      Finish Silver
      Pcs./set Pair

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      1. Fit the Fix Brackets on bed frame as per given dimension. (Ref. Fig.1) without the gas spring fitted.
      2. Now fix the bed platform to the top brackets. (Ref. Fig.2).
      3. Lastly fit gas spring as shown in diagram (ref. Fig.3).

      *Special Note:

      Installation dimension are only recommendation and will vary depending on type of construction design.

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