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EBCO Recessed Hinge - Soft Close (RH-SC-TN)

  • Recessed hinge for Wooden and Al. frame doors.
  • 3D adjustment
  • 105° opening angle
  • Max. recommended shutter size with 2 hinges: Width≤600mm, Height≤2100mm
  • MAx. recommended shutter weight to use with 2 hinge ≤25kg
  • Shutter thickness: 16-30mm
  • Max cabinet side panel thickness: 25mm
  • 50000 Cycle tested
Item Code Finish Pcs. /Set
Recessed Hinge Soft Close - Left & Right RH-SC TN Set of 2pcs.
Housing for Recessed Hinge - Wood RH-HW TN Set of 2pcs.

Type: Unknown Type

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