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Ebco Shower Hinges BSF1T-90WG-S (WALL TO GLASS)

Shower Hinge 900 Wall to Glass - T Type.

Ebco Shower Hinge 90° swings in and out a full 90 degrees, with stops at 0º, +90º, and –90º. Closing speed can be adjusted. This Shower  hinge is used as a fix between glass and wall means the wall can hold the glass in shower cubicles with the help of this hardware. 

Finish - Brushed Steel.

Pcs./set - EACH.

Features include :

  1. - Adjustable Closing speed
  2. - Designed for use in shower cubicles 
  3. - Full rotaion angle of about 90° 
  4. - Also suitable for interior glass doors

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