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Hafele RE-Inforce Smart Digital Lock System

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Hafele RE-INFORCE Smart Digital Lock System

  • Because the combination of flawless features and harmonious aesthetics is hard to find and even harder to ignore...
    Classic Design, Multiple Access Modes: RE-Inforce security with this sleek all-in-one digital lock. With multiple access options and a flushed body that appears as if it is forged out of black glass, this lock provides superior functionality and sophisticated aesthetics. Easy to use and set-up (with an
    option of operating via the Häfele Smart Living App), the lock provides access through fingerprint, RFID card, password and via the mobile application.
    Delivering high security, the lock safeguards the door within 3 seconds of closing it and offers a robust deadbolt connection ensuring utmost safety.

    Main opening Method Fingerprint
    Alternative Opening Method RFID card + Password + Mechanical Key
    Storage Capacity 100 Fingerprints + 100 RFID Card
    Admin Authentication  Fingerprint Only
    Material Aluminium Alloy, Tempered Glass over Keypad
    Door Thickness -Wooden Door 35 - 60 mm
    Finish Matt Black
    Dimensions (W × H × D) External Lock Body: 360 x 75 x 25 mm
    Internal Lock Body: 360 x 75 x 25 mm
    Mortise: 240 x 92 x 24 mm | 68 x 60 mm
    Accessible via Hafele Smart Living Application
    Operating Temperature ~ -30°C to 80°C I 20~93% humidity
    Alarms Low battery and intrusion
    Compatible DIN-left or DIN-right applications
    Enables access Audit trails via mobile application
    Battery 4 AA Batteries, Micro USB for Emergency

  • *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  •  Features

        Smart Access:
        Allows an outsider to enter the property without a password. All that the person needs to do is press the 9 key followed by the # - once he /she does this, an access request flashes on the administrator’s mobile phone and the admin can then provide access.
        Smart Password: Allows you to hide the set numeric
        password between random numbers. This function is particularly
        helpful when you don’t want to reveal your password to a person
        standing next to you while you are accessing your home.
        Smart Voice: Provides you step-by-step voice guidance while adding a user, setting a password or enabling a function/mode; or simple voice notifications from the lock about the various
        operative modes or incorrect usage of the lock
        Smart Freeze: Reduces the possibilities of unwanted break-ins by freezing the lock function for over 5 min. in case of incorrect entries of access.
      2. ACCESS MODES:
        (Up to 100 unique accesses)

        •Key-pad or Password
        (Up to 100 users)

        (Up to 100 unique accesses)

        •Built-in Wifi Key
        (Mobile application access)
        •Mechanical Keys
        (2 user keys)
        Permanent Password: Used by the admin users (owner and family members) for regular access to the property
        Period Password: Generated to give access to visiting guests who may want to use your property for a few hours or days with multiple entries and exits.
        Dynamic Password: Remains valid for a brief period of time, i.e. 5 minutes and allows multiple entry and exits within the 5 mins. Generated mainly for one-time visitors like delivery agents,
        postman etc.
        Auto Locking Mode:
        Enables automatic locking of door latch, 2 seconds after it closes restricting access into your home
        Passage Mode: Enables access into the home without the need of any authentication or key. Useful in case of home gatherings or parties where the door is accessed from outside and inside repeatedly. The door can be opened from the outside even if it is locked from the inside (except in privacy mode) by pulling the lever down.
        Privacy Locking Mode: Enables locking the door from the
        inside by twisting the knob on the rear lock body and is used to restrict access into your home.
        Internal and external doors of residential and commercial
        spaces, holiday homes, stand-alone villas and cottages.

  •  Do's and Don'ts

    a.Make sure your finger is clean and dry
    b.Align your finger parallel to the lens
    c.Do not move your finger for 2 seconds while scanning
    d.Do not use soap water to clean lock
    e.Use soft cotton cloth for wiping lock


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