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  • Digital Lock

  • In today's digital world, while a mechanical locking system with traditional key
    is still relevant but is no longer sufficient for our security requirements as there
    are plenty of other options available. Digital locks with smart security features
    not only protect our assets but also provide far more convenience, style,
    security and is cost effective in the long-run.

    • Suitable for wooden doors of thickness 35mm - 80mm
    • Universal Lever
    • Past 256 operating history can be checked in the lock
    • Mortise lock body made of SS 304
    • Lock size (HxWxD mm): 335 x 78 x 30
    • SSS Finish
    • Tri-Bolt Action Lock Body with Inbuilt Knight Latch
    • Semi-Conductor Fingerprint Head
    • CE FCC ROHS certified
    • Works On 04 AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Application: For Wooden/Metal  doors 
      Residential apartments, library,
      offices, hospitals, high security premises

  • If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  •  Features

      1. 04 Way Access Lock - Finger Print, RFID Card, User Pin Code & Mechanical Key
      2. LCD Screen–Displays Date, Time, User ID Access & Audit Trail
      3. 9 Admins & 190 Users can be registered
      4. 4-15 Digits User Pin Code Can Be Registered
      5. Voice Guided Operating Feature
      6. Auto Secure Feature
      7. Supports Upto 100 Operations After Low Power Alarm
      8. Code Scrambling Function
      9. Passage Mode Function
      10. Emergency Battery Backup Through USB
      11. Anti-Panic Egress
  •  Do's and Don'ts

    a.Make sure your finger is clean and dry
    b.Align your finger parallel to the lens
    c.Do not move your finger for 2 seconds while scanning
    d.Do not use soap water to clean lock
    e.Use soft cotton cloth for wiping lock

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