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Ozone H Type Handle OGH-55

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  • Product Code
    Overall length of
    Handle (A)
    Centre to centre of
    Hole (B)
    Handle diameter
    Hole diameter
    for glass
    OGH-55-25x1100mm SSS 1100mm 900mm 25mm 12mm
    OGH-55-25x1200mm SSS 1200mm 1060mm 25mm 12mm
    OGH-55-25x1300mm SSS 1300mm  1100mm  25mm  12mm
    OGH-55-25x1800mm SSS 1800mm  1652mm  25mm  12mm
    OGH-55-25x2100mm SSS 2100mm  1960mm  25mm  12mm
    OGH-55-32x425mm SSS 425mm  332mm  32mm  10mm
    OGH-55-32x457mm SSS  457mm  305mm  32mm  12mm
    OGH-55-32x600mm SSS  600mm  480mm  32mm  12mm
    OGH-55-32x900mm SSS  900mm  700mm  32mm  12mm
    OGH-55-32x1300mm SSS  1300mm 1100mm  32mm 12mm
    OGH-55-32x2100mm SSS  2100mm  70/1050/2030mm  32mm 12mm
    OGH-55-25x300mm PSS/SSS  300mm 212mm  25mm  12mm
    OGH-55-25x325mm PSS/SSS  325mm  240mm 25mm 12mm
    OGH-55-25x425mm PSS/SSS  425mm  332mm 25mm 10mm
    OGH-55-25x450mm PSS/SSS  450mm  308mm 25mm 12mm 
    OGH-55-25x600mm PSS/SSS  600mm  455mm 25mm 12mm 
    OGH-55-25x1200mm PSS/SSS  1200mm 1060mm  25mm  12mm
    OGH-55-32x425mm PSS/SSS  425mm  332mm  32mm  12mm 
    OGH-55-32x457mm PSS/SSS  457mm  305mm  32mm  12mm 
     OGH-55-32x600mm PSS/SSS 600mm  480mm  32mm  12mm 
     OGH-55-32x1300mm PSS/SSS 1300mm  1100mm  32mm  12mm 


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  • Glass Door Handle H Type

    • Pull Handle With Back to Back installation on Glass/Wooden/Metals Doors.
    • In case of Wooden Exteneded Spindle would be provided on request.
    • Gaskets to prevent the contact between glass and metal.
    • Supporting washer with raised bevelling on the outer surface.
    • Grub screws kept out of sight.
    • Material:-Stainless Steel Grade 304.
    • Finish: Double Finish of PSS/SSS & Single Finish of SSS.
    • As per store shipping policy. If you need any other finish please contact our sales team. We can provide almost all kind of finishes. Customized orders may take up to 25 days for Dispatch and are Non Returnable. 

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