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EBCO Sliding Windows lock 1925(With key) P-SWL-1K

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  • Specification  Glass Door Pull Handle 
    Finish BLACK/WHITE


  • 1.Cut two Cavities in Shutter as shown in Fig.1.Screw on the Bumpers to the Shutter as shown in Fig.2. for approx. dimensions refer Fig.1. Insert the lower part of the Body in to cavity in Shutter and Click on the upper part of the Body as shown in Fig.3. Insert the Hook into the body through the side cavity in the shutter as shown in Fig. 4. Push the Slider downward & tighten the Grub screw with Allen key as shown in Fig. 5. Fit the Catch into the Frame as shown in Fig. 6. To remove the body from shutter, unscrew the grub screw & remove the Hook first & then insert a flat thin screw driver into the thin slot provided in the body & compress the spring. 

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