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Ebco Windows Crescent Latch

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  1. A unique lock for sliding windows.
  2. Easy locking and unlocking by simple half rotating, clock-wise or anti clock-wise.
  3. Eliminates the need for handles.
  4. Available for both right and left hand locking.
  • Specifications
Code Nos. Finish Clasp
CRL 1(L/R)(S/Z/F) Zinc White S- Clasp with M4
threading for
central locking.

Z-clasp for
Front Shutter
with frame.

Flat Clasp for
Rear Shutter
with frame.
Left hand and
right hand
CR 2(L/R)(S/Z/F) Powder Coated - Brown, Ivory, Silver, Black
* Add L or R for left or right hand.
# Add S for S-clasp, Z for Z-clasp and F for flat clasp.

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