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Godrej UltraL XL+ Twinbolt

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Type: Rim Locks

Godrej UltraL XL+ Twinbolt

  • Specification  Ultra Twinbolt 1CK (Pin Cylinder)
    Length-A (cm) 19
    Width-B (cm) 13.6
    Height-C (cm) 7.2
    Finish Colors
    Warranty 15 Years
    Builders Hardware Product Type Rim Locks
    Weight 2

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  • Godrej Ultra Twinbolt 1CK (Pin Cylinder).

    Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems ultra XL+ Twinbolt 1ck Satin Steel Door Lock The lock body is made from tough clear protective coated steel. The Latch bolt and deadbolt are made from brass which makes it non-corrosive and have higher strength. Reinforced receptacle provides extra resistance from the door being forced open. Deadlocking function ensures that the latch bolt can not be pushed back to open the door from outside. Hold back feature of latch bolt prevents inadvertent ''lock out'' situations. Double throw deadbolt provides extra security. Combination of latch bolt and deadbolt provides the convenience of a Night Latch plus security of a deadbolt. Turning the safety knob from inside secures the lock from inside in a manner that it cannot be opened from outside even with its own key.

  • Great for Main Doors and Entrance Doors. You can use this lock for wardrobes, wood and steel doors, folding doors, sliding doors, garden doors, single and double shutter doors. Suitable for Left and right-handed, inside opening 25mm to 60mm thick doors. Can be used for almost any type of Wood & Plywood doors of your choice. All installation hardwares are included in the package. Installation of this Door Hardware is simple and quick.
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