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Link Locks Mortise Set Lock 6 Lever Sleek Bullet 1006

  • Specification Mortise Handle Mortise Lock Body 
    Length (mm) 177.8 152.4
    Width (mm) 43.18 70
    Finish Steel Satelon

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  • Salient Features following:-

    1. Anti-drill hardened plate.
    2. Anti-Cut Roller Pin.
    3. 6 Brass Lever.
    4. M.s Drawn Lock Body.
    5. Reversible Latch.
  • Fitting Instructions:-

    1. To reverse the latch for inswing and outswing position.Turn the lock upside down. The latch stopper strip will move downward.see Fig:2 Press the latch inside and bring it in the window.Rotate the latch to 180' See Fig:3. Let the latch come out.
    2. Use the marker to layout the holes on the outer side of the door. Fold the marker along the dotted line and place it on the outer side of the door where the lock is to be fitted.Mark the centers A,B&C on the door.Mark the outline Of the marker on the door edge Fig:4.
    3. With center A make hole 14mm through the door at right angle to its surface,with Center B make 8.7mm and 6mm through holes.Chisel The portion of wood between these two holes to the slot .Fig:4
    4. All the center of the marked edge of the door chisel a slot 111x19x72mm(111x15x72mm for 1000 series) deep to insert the Lock,to this slot & mark the outline of the lock plates on the door. Make a recess on the marking so that the lock lies flushed with the surface of the door edge Fig:5
    5. Screw Up the lock by means of the two supplied wood screws Fig:6
    6. Insert the Square rod in lock hole and place both handle plates from each side and fix them by wooden screws Provided Fig:6
    7. Place the striker plate with its box on the latch bolt and bring it near the door jamb to align with the Lock.Make a recess in the jamb so that the striker Plate with box fits into the rectangular slot 9x16mm(88x12 for 1000 series) Chiselled 20mm deep. Screw up the Striker plate by means of the two supplied wood screw Fig:7
    8. Check the smooth functioning of the latch bolt by turning handles and check the easy operation of lock by each key from both side
  • While Placing the Striking Plate with the lock, the upper Surface of the bolt shoyld touch the upper edge of the bolt slot and leave the gap on the lower side. this is to accommodate the sagging of the door in future.

    In case of handle sets tight the ellen screw with slotted spindle by means of Ellen Key.

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