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Link Locks SP-10 Mortise Handle Complete Set 5210

  • Specification Mortise Handle Mortise Lock Body (Sash Case) Cylinder Lock
    Length (mm) 200 200 62
    Width (mm) 50 80 --
    Backset (mm) -- 50 --
    Finish Steel Satelon & Gold Satelon

    *If you have any specific question related to the product, please contact us.

  • Link Locks SP-10 Mortise Handle Complete Set.

    Price of the SP-10 Mortise Handle Complete Set includes a pair of Mortise Handles, Mortise Sash Case (Lock Body), Cylinder lock, Keys, Screws and Striking Plates. This Mortise Handle Complete Set is available in Steel Satelon and Gold Satelon finish. They are made up of Steel and have high quality of top plating of the said finish. The Set has Mortise Lock Body (Sash Case) and Cylinder Lock of the same finish as of the Handle, for example if you select a Handle of Steel Satelon finish, we will be providing you, with Steel Satelon finished Forend of Mortise Lock Body and Cylinder Lock.

    To know more details about the Mortise Locks Body manufactured by Link Locks click here.

    This Mortise Lock System has 10 Pin locking mechanism with 2 Axis and Universal Key insertion. If you would like to buy this complete set in any other finish, please click here. When you are buying a finish other than the finish available here you will have to select mortise lock body and cylinder lock individually to complete a set of mortise handle. We advice our customers to buy the Mortise Lock Body and Cylinder lock of the same brand as the Handle. You can also buy by mixing and matching the mortise lock body and cylinder locks, to buy mortise lock body click here and to buy cylinder lock click here but stick to the same brand as the Handle. To know more about Mortise Locks and its function click here. To know more about cylinder locks click here. If you are not sure about the right combination for your door you can click here to know about the combinations in details or please feel free to contact us give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in your selection.

    If you have to customize a finish according to your Decor please contact us we have more than ten finishes of every product. We can also provide you with Master Key and Grand Master Key. Read more about Master and Grand Master Key by clicking here.

    Don’t worry if you select a wrong combination, we will notice it and re-confirm your order before dispatching!

  • These handles can be used as Bedroom Door, Main Door and Entrance Door Handles. Also useful as Kitchen or store room Handles. These can also be used for Bathroom Doors, but Baby Latch Mortise type would be more appropriate. Read our guide to know more. Can be used in wooden door, plywood door and timber Doors. Installation of this Door Hardware is simple and quick.



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